VectorStyler beta 112 release notes

  • Fixed a crash in handling printers.

Bug fixes in recent releases

  • Fixed a bug when importing gray images from pdf files.
  • Fixed a bug in resizing artboard when pdf files are imported.
  • Fixed a crash when importing PSD files.
  • Fixed rendering problems with small canvas sizes.
  • Fixed disable/enable bug of Trace button in Image Trace panel.
  • Text frame to use filtered shape of content shape filters are applied.
  • Text frame references should update editing.
  • Fixed bug in undoing object styles.
  • Fixed crash when using override or styles panels.
  • Fixed shape corner use at very large corner.
  • Fixed problems in editing duplicated text frames inside groups.
  • Fixed problems in outline stroke inner or outer shifting.
  • Fixed several AI file format importing issues.
  • Fixed regression in rendering caused by rotated views.
  • Added spot color printing in non-separated mode.
  • Fixed an issue in new from clipboard causing force quit.