VectorStyler beta 131 release notes

  • Fixed: stroke popup panel changes were not applied.
  • Fixed: increased scrolling limit for some shape sides.
  • Fixed: removing nodes both before and after the starting node, removed the wrong node.
  • Fixed: hang in some cases when editng paths.
  • Fixed: 16-bit per color component rendering modes for RGB and CMYK.
  • Improved: speed of CMYK document rendering.
  • Fixed: possible crash when rendering CMYK documents.
  • Fixed: crash when importing PDFs with certain character encoding.

Bug fixes in recent releases

  • Added: option to show nodes of selected shapes (in Preferences - Editing section).
  • Added: persistent vector brush selection after restart.
  • Changed: brush tool can paint with solid stroke styles also.
  • Changed: brush style panel lists and uses stroke presets and styles also.
  • Changed: smaller icons in the context bar.
  • Fixed: style referencing (object roles) did not automatically refresh on some changes.
  • Fixed: problems in updating symbol object links.
  • Fixed: double clicking toolbox icons showed the options view twice.
  • Fixed: force quit needed when dividing large number of complex shapes.
  • Fixed: shape painter freeze on complex overlapping shapes.