September 10, 10099

Improved workflow

  • Real time, direct editing of objects and styles.
  • Image and vector effects can be manipulated directly and interactively on the objects.
  • Advanced tools to edit vectors, text and images.
  • Powerful snapping options to align objects and shapes, including collision and formation snapping.
  • Create guidelines at any angle, group guidelines and use different colors per guideline group.
  • Work seamlessly with multiple documents.
  • Multiple views of the same document: edit a symbol in one view, see changes in the other view.
  • Link documents and reuse symbols and styles from other documents.
  • Build a hierarchy of multiple canvases, and use unlimited number of artboards in a single document.
  • Use the Properties panel to quickly edit frequently used options.

Vector graphics and illustrations

  • Select from a large number of parametric shapes to start drawing.
  • Use real vector brushes, stretching vector graphics along shapes to create brush paint effects.
  • Use both cubic and quadratic curves in shapes, with smooth and symmetric corners.
  • Setup corners in any shape, and use arbitrary shapes to defined new corner types.
  • Powerful nondestructive vector effects to adjust object shapes.
  • Style objects with multiple outlines and fills using arrows, caps, dashes, stripes, variable stroke width, colors, rich gradients or tiling pattern styles.
  • Create mesh gradients from any object using the Mesh tool.
  • Setup gradients along or across a shape.

Image effects for vector graphics

  • Select from a large collection of image effects.
  • Apply multiple, nondestructive image effects on vector objects, groups or layers.
  • Use the Image Effect tools to interactively adjust image effect parameters.
  • Apply image effects as adjustment effects: adjusting content behind an object.
  • Create adjustment layers using selected image effects.
  • Import and reuse complex SVG image effect hierarchies.

Typography improved

  • Use vector text as shape for objects.
  • Powerful text on path features: interactive positioning of text along a path.
  • Easy adjustment of the vector text baseline, to create a text on path effect.
  • Interactively move and transform individual characters of a text shape.
  • Flow text in multiple frames across multiple artboards and canvases.
  • Embed shapes and styled objects as glyphs into the text.
  • Powerful text styling: outlines, fills, underlines, OpenType typography.
  • Balance multiple columns of text flow inside a frame.

Powerful preview and display options

  • Preview in vector, pixel or outline modes.
  • Create a split view of different preview modes, and slide between them quickly.
  • Zoom in to over 1.000.000% level.
  • Rotate views to arbitrary angles and draw or edit objects at any viewing angle.
  • Adjust the extent of sub-pixel division to setup various anti-aliasing modes.
  • Preview colors, gradients and effects in 16-bit or 32-bit precision per color component.

Compatibility and export workflow

  • Import and export popular file formats: PSD, AI, SVG, PDF, Postscript, EPS, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIFF.
  • AI files are imported in editable form with tiling patterns, brushes, styles and effects available for reuse and adjustment.
  • Create multiple slice regions on a canvas for exporting.
  • Setup multiple export formats, resolutions and options for each slice.
  • Export all or selected slices only, in one step.
  • Batch export multiple artboards.
  • Setup vector objects for batch exporting.
  • Save the export options with the document and Export Again in a single step.

Editing detail for professionals

  • Unlimited Undo and Redo hierarchy.
  • Use the History panel to browse the change history.
  • Alternate histories: select which change to redo.
  • Save undo and redo history with the document, and browse previous history in a newly opened documents.
  • Repeat selected recent actions.
  • Find and replace objects, styles and text.
  • Copy and paste object styles, object shapes, transparency masks, image effects and character styles.
  • Create, edit and use Symbols.
  • Override selected styles locally for a Symbol.

Customizable application details

  • Select Dark or Light user interface theme.
  • Customize size and color of indicators, used in interactive editing.
  • Example: change the size and color of nodes displayed while editing curves and their control points.
  • Set the scaling factor of the user interface for better accessibility.
  • Setup automatic document backup options.
  • Customize colors for guidelines, grids and slices.
  • Customize details of object and curve editing.

Setup custom menu structures

  • Customize the application menu hierarchy.
  • Customize the context menu shown with quick actions on Control+Click.
  • Create and reuse custom menu hierarchies.
  • Easily swap between previously saved menu structures.

Customize shortcuts

  • Customize application shortcuts.
  • Create, save and reuse shortcut definition files.
  • Easily swap between previously saved shortcut definition files.
  • Setup shortcuts specific to a context only.
  • Example: a shortcut can have a different meaning when editing text or when editing curves.

Customize and create new toolboxes

  • Customize the application toolbox.
  • Create, save and reuse custom toolbox files.
  • Create and use multiple custom toolboxes at the same time.
  • Easily swap between previously saved custom toolboxes or open toolboxes in separate panels.