October 12, 12109

Advanced typography in an illustration software.

  • All of the typographic features and more.
  • Use text and glyphs as shapes of objects.
  • Flow text in multiple frames and columns across multiple artboards and canvases.
  • Setup advanced character and paragraph formatting options.
  • Align text along a path using advanced options.
  • Use text specific tools to edit text content, link text frames, offset text along a path, and position characters individually.
  • Organize fonts into groups for easy access and improved workflow.
  • Access font collections from custom folders, without installing the fonts into the system.

Vector text as a shape.

  • Create text as a shape using the Vector Text tool.
  • Easily edit vector text by double clicking the text object.
  • Assign multiple fill and outline styles to the vector text, just like any other object.
  • Clip an arbitrary group of objects inside a vector text shape while keeping the text editable.
  • Convert the vector text to curves and edit the curves making up the glyphs.
  • Style individual characters or a selection of characters using object styling attributes.

Flow text into multiple frames

  • Create rectangular text frames using the Text Frame tool.
  • Assign any shape to the text frame or edit the shape using the Node tool to flow text into arbitrarily shaped frames.
  • Assign styles to the text frame for background fill and frame outline.
  • Flow text into multiple frames.
  • Setup multiple columns and balance text vertically in a text frame.

Character options

  • Select character formatting options using the Character Panel or the Character Options menu command.
  • Select typeface, weight, size, tracking, word spacing, kerning and leading attributes.
  • Select advanced OpenType typography features like ligatures. Customize subscript and superscript positions and sizes.
  • Automatic spelling and hyphenation.
  • Select underline, over line and strike through options using custom stroke attributes.
  • Select character background fill and stroke styles to create frame around a part of the text.
  • Select fill and stroke styles, opacity and transparency masks for characters.
  • Apply optical kerning to glyphs in a text flow.

Paragraph options

  • Align paragraph text in various directions.
  • Use single or multiple line composer for a paragraph to achieve better typographic results.
  • Select text frame margin overflow mode.
  • Edit the amount of indentation of the first and last lines or the left and right margins.
  • Create paragraph rulers before and after a paragraph using custom stroke styles.
  • Specify advanced Drop Capitals options.
  • Select paragraph labeling, numbering or bullet point options.
  • Edit spacing rules used in text justification.
  • Setup hyphenation and tab stops rules.

Rich text styling

  • Fill characters in a text flow using any fill style just like vector objects (color, gradient, tiling pattern noise).
  • Assign outlines to characters using the stroke options.
  • Create styled background of a selected range of characters that automatically aligns with the characters.
  • Insert arbitrary glyphs, shapes or styled objects as glyphs into the text.
  • Edit details of underline, over line and strike through styles in the text decorations panel.
  • Use dashes, stripes and variable width strokes in text underline, over line and strike through.
  • Create, use and manage Character and Paragraph styles for improved text workflow.

Text frame options

  • Create and use text frame styles to automatically adjust the attributes of multiple text frames.
  • Align text flow in a frame vertically to top, center, bottom or justified.
  • Set spacing around the frame and between paragraphs inside a text frame.
  • Split the text frame into multiple columns and rows with gaps and directions.
  • Balance text flow between multiple columns.
  • Setup baseline alignment options inside a text frame.

Text on Path

  • Align text and flow along arbitrarily shaped objects.
  • Change the shape of the text baseline into an arbitrary shape using the Node tool.
  • Move text along the path using the interactive Text on Path tool.
  • Edit the text on path alignment attributes using the Text on Path panel or the Text on Path menu command.
  • Create and reuse various text on path attribute styles and presets.
  • Align multiple lines of text on a path using various rules to achieve better text effect.
  • Offset the text along the path or set the distance of the text from the path.

Advanced text tools

  • Create and edit vector text shapes using the vector text tool.
  • Create and edit text flown in multiple frames using the Text Frame tool.
  • Position text along a path interactively using the Text on Path tool.
  • Link text frames or flow text into objects using the Frame Link tool.
  • Position and transform individual characters of both vector and frame text using the Character tool.
  • Insert special characters.
  • Convert punctuations.
  • Use the Typography panel to select OpenType features.

Powerful glyph management

  • Use the Glyph panel to browse and use glyphs and glyph alternates from any font.
  • Drag and drop glyphs from the glyph panel into the canvas as shapes.
  • Insert glyphs at the current cursor position into the text.
  • Select OpenType alternates of glyphs.
  • Open arbitrary TrueType, OpenType or other font files into new glyph panels.
  • Open SVG font files into new glyph panels.
  • List and select object shapes and symbols used as glyphs.