May 10, 10059

Advanced tools to change color and shape

  • Select from a collection of shape distortion effects, to modify object shapes.
  • Shape distortions are nondestructive, parameters can be changed at any time.
  • Apply multiple shape effects on groups of objects.
  • Manage the list of stacked shape effects on an object.
  • Edit shape effects interactively in the document, or adjust the effect properties in a panel or modal view.
  • Apply color filters to selected artwork to adjust colors.
  • Recolor selected artwork using advanced coloring schemes.

Shape effects

  • Extensive list of geometric distortion effects, to adjust shapes of object groups.
  • Apply ripple, wave, zigzag, perturbation using local variations, synthesized by a noise style.
  • Create and edit interactive 4-point distortion effects.
  • Create arbitrary distortions, using envelope shapes and mesh grids.
  • Create elastic warp effects, by moving pinpoints and distorting the artwork accordingly.
  • Bend artwork along a curve, stretching the artwork using variable width profiles.
  • Create and interactively edit variable distance path offsets of object shapes.
  • Create and reuse shape effect styles and presets.

The Shape Effects panel

  • Add, edit, remove shape effects on the selected objects.
  • Browse the hierarchy of shape effects, stacked on the selected object.
  • Adjust the parameters of a shape effect on a selected object from the panel.
  • Activate the interactive shape effect editor tool.
  • Activate the additional shape effect parameter editor tool (if applicable for the effect).
  • Apply shape effects to the outline stroke, distorting arrows, dashes and caps.
  • Edit shape effect options, to control the distortion of curves and control point locations.
  • Enable the Rigid Shapes option to create various shape placement effects.

Envelope and Mesh

  • Create and edit envelope effects using arbitrary shapes, to apply distortions on a group of objects.
  • Reuse envelope shapes from reference object shapes, or create custom envelope shape presets or styles.
  • Create and edit mesh grid distortions on a group of objects.
  • Add internal control points to mesh grid curves, to achieve better control of the mesh shape.
  • Select linear mesh boundaries, to create mesh effect variations.
  • Edit 4-point distortions interactively.

Elastic warp

  • Create and edit Elastic Warp effect on group of objects.
  • Elastic warp creates distortions by stretching according to multiple pinpoint location changes.
  • In elastic warp, the group members are distorted according to the elastic mesh distortion applied to the group.
  • Elastic warp pinpoints can be added also at locations not covered by the objects of a group.
  • Create and remove arbitrary number of pinpoints in the elastic warp.
  • Rotate elastic warp mesh around any pinpoint.

Bending along a curve

  • Bend groups of object along arbitrary shapes.
  • Edit the bending curve interactively, using the node editor tool.
  • Create and reuse bending shape styles and presets.
  • Use reference object shapes as bending shapes, linking the bend effect to an editable shape.
  • Apply variable width stroke profiles to the bending effect, to stretch the artwork locally along the shape.
  • Edit the variable width profile of the bending effect interactively.
  • Convert the bending effect into a mesh effect or curves.

Color filters

  • Change colors in selected objects and groups, by applying color adjustment filters.
  • Colors are changed destructively, and can be further edited as a regular artwork (no image conversions involved).
  • Change colors with Curves and Levels filters.
  • Adjust colors using Black and White, Channel Mixer, Color Balance and Hue Adjustment filters.
  • Change vibrance and saturation.
  • Use the Photo Filter to adjust color tones.
  • Mix object colors using the Style Mixer menu commands.

Recolor artwork

  • Recolor artwork using the Replace Color command.
  • Create complex recoloring rules, save and reuse these as presets.
  • Recolor artwork, by matching to nearest colors of another document or a color palette.
  • Disturb colors randomly, using a selected color mode.
  • Recolor artwork, using randomized colors or select randomly from a predefined palette.
  • Recolor artwork, using the object locations and colors from a noise scheme.
  • Recolor artwork, by picking colors from an object (or image) region with the Filter Image role.

Blend effect

  • Create blends between two or more objects for smooth transition effects.
  • Create and use custom shapes for the blend transition path.
  • Edit the blend shape using the Node tool.
  • Set the number of intermediary objects, using fixed steps, object distance or color transition smoothness.
  • Adjust the transition function separately for the object shapes and style.
  • Edit the blend options, using the Blend panel or the interactive Blend tool.
  • Use the Blend Map tool, to pair nodes of the blended object shapes, for finer control of the blend transition.

Contour effect

  • Create contour effects of arbitrary width around objects.
  • The contour will be a blend between the object style and a selected background style.
  • Use variable width profiles in the contour effect, and edit the width profile interactively.
  • Edit the contour effect options, using the Contour panel or the interactive Contour tool.