October 12, 12109

Extensive list of parametric shapes to start your design

  • Draw and edit: rectangles, ellipses, circles, regular polygons, stars, square stars, gears, spirals, polygonal spirals, super ellipses and super shapes.
  • Draw and edit symmetrigons with arbitrary shaped sides.
  • Edit ellipse or circle properties to create multiple concentric sections.
  • Interactively edit any shape type.
  • Bend the sides of rectangles and regular polygons.
  • Select clockwise or counterclockwise shape directions.
  • Regular and normalized star shapes of arbitrary number of corners.

Powerful curve editing tools

  • Edit corners of any shapes.
  • Create and use custom corner shapes (not just circular or flat).
  • Edit free form curves by moving control points or dragging the curve.
  • Show curve direction when hovering over the shape.
  • Indicate starting and ending nodes of a shape.
  • Edit quadratic and cubic curves of better control of the shape.
  • Cut or redirect shape at self intersection points automatically.
  • Simplify and smooth out curves using the simplify brush or the simplify menu command.
  • Convert any shape to curves and freely edit its nodes and control points.

Boolean shape operations

  • Operations on shapes: Merge, Intersect, Union, Exclude, Cut Out, Inside, Outside, Remove Overlaps, Exclude Back and Divide.
  • Normalize shape along self-intersecting points based on the winding fill rule.
  • Combine and create complex shapes.
  • Boolean shape operations without stray nodes.
  • Combine shapes directly to create new editable free form shapes.
  • Combine shapes with boolean operations nondestructively and modify the original shapes at any time.
  • Apply boolean operations on group of objects to dynamically create nondestructive shape combinations.

Vector editing workflow

  • Create and reuse shape styles.
  • Change the shape of multiple objects by using shape styles and modifying the styles.
  • Link (reference) the shape of an object from another named reference object.
  • Edit the shape of multiple objects by editing reference object shapes.
  • Create and reuse shape presets everywhere.
  • Convert text to shapes to edit curves.
  • Draw smooth shapes with the pencil tool or create curves using the pen tool.

Powerful vector effects

  • Nondestructive distortion effects applied to object shapes.
  • The shape effects panel creates and manages multiple shape effects applied to a selected object.
  • Modify shape effect attributes of the selected objects at any time.
  • Distort group of objects using mesh and envelope distortions.
  • Bend groups of objects along arbitrary, freely editable shapes.
  • Warp objects into predefined shapes.
  • Apply Elastic Warp effect to distort objects freely.
  • Create and edit shape effects interactively.

Paint with Brushes

  • Select pencil and brush stabilizer modes.
  • Draw variable width outlines using the brush tool.
  • Edit local width of variable width outlines using various tools.
  • Select and paint with real vector brushes.
  • Vector brushes allow variable width profiles, the width profile can be adjusted locally at any time.
  • Vector brushes may contain an arbitrary group of objects, distorted and stretched along the painted curve.
  • Vector brushes can contain arbitrary colors or can be tinted and shaded with custom colors.
  • Paint with scatter, pattern and bristle brush types.

Modify shapes using shape effect brushes

  • Paint vector effects over any group of shapes to create local distortions.
  • Select from up to 13 different vector effect brushes.
  • Apply local twirl, ripple, noise, wave, perturbation, zig-zag distortions to shapes.
  • Edit brush options by double-clicking on the brush tool icon.
  • Modify object shapes using the Liquify tool.
  • Create and apply shape distortions on a group of objects.

Mesh gradients

  • Create and edit mesh gradients using the interactive mesh gradient tool.
  • Create mesh gradients from arbitrary shapes.
  • Add new nodes to mesh gradients at arbitrary locations.
  • Select the color and opacity of each mesh node interactively.
  • Fast interactive preview of mesh changes.