May 10, 10059

Outline objects and text

  • Select outline width from the Stroke panel or the Properties panel.
  • Fill outline strokes with color, gradient, tiling pattern, or noise.
  • Create and reuse stroke styles and presets.
  • Select and reuse stroke styles from reference objects.
  • Gradient on stroke: gradient colors transition along or across an outline stroke, including variable width strokes.

Stroke properties

  • Set stroke properties in the Stroke Panel.
  • Allow zero width strokes for real thin hairline at any resolution.
  • Align stroke inside, outside or centered to the object outline.
  • Shift strokes inside or outside by arbitrary amounts.
  • Align dash lengths between cusp nodes.
  • Distort the shape of stroke (including arrows), using shape distortion effects.

Use stroke caps.

  • Select stroke cap ends in open or dashed shapes.
  • Create and use custom shaped stroke caps.
  • Create new cap shapes from a custom shape.
  • Select a cap shape as a reference to a named object shape. When the object shape is edited, the linked cap shapes are updated automatically.
  • Offset stroke cap locations along the outline.

Add arrowheads to open shapes

  • Select arrowheads at the start and end of open shapes.
  • Select arbitrarily shaped arrow heads from the Stroke panel.
  • Create new arrowheads from the shape of selected objects.
  • Select arrowheads as a reference to a named object shape. As the object shape is edited, the linked arrow shapes are updated automatically.
  • Connect arrows defined by an open shape, to the shape of the stroke.
  • Enable arrowhead and stroke distortions by the shape effects applied to the object.

Variable width profiles

  • Assign variable width strokes to selected objects from the Stroke panel.
  • Create and reuse variable width profile styles and presets in the Stroke panel.
  • Link to stroke width profiles of reference objects.
  • Select width variation type from Monotone or Cubic.
  • Edit arbitrary stroke width variation in a modal view or interactively.
  • Use symmetric, reverted or flipped width variation functions.

Object outline workflow

  • Edit stroke width profile interactively with the Width tool.
  • Adjust stroke width profile using the Stroke Width Brush tool.
  • Smooth the stroke width profile variations using the Width Smooth Brush tool.
  • Erase nodes from the width profile function using an interactive tool.
  • Use the Stroke Width panel for precise control of variable width strokes.
  • Combine the variable width profile attribute with dashed, striped, shifted stroke attributes to create complex stroke effects.