May 10, 10059

Advanced symbol creation

  • Any object or layer can be used as a symbol.
  • Create a new symbol from an object or layer, by giving it a name and setting the object Role to Symbol.
  • Automatically create symbols, by placing them onto a Reference Canvas with the Symbol role.
  • Edit the content of a symbol, by selecting the Reference Canvas containing the symbol, and using regular object editing tools.
  • Access and use symbols from menus and lists.
  • Create new symbols using the Symbols panel.
  • Save and reuse non-linked symbols (object copies) as presets.

Powerful symbol tools

  • Use a symbol by drag and drop from the Symbols panel.
  • Create symbolic references to any object, by dragging and dropping from the Layers panel, while holding the Command key.
  • Expand selected symbol links, using the Expand Symbol command.
  • Apply additional shape or image effects to symbols, while still retaining the original editable symbol.
  • Find and replace objects with symbols, using object styles or other attributes.

Symbols panel

  • Use the Symbols panel to create and manage the collection of symbols in a document.
  • Reference objects are also listed in the Symbols panel.
  • Drag and drop symbols from the panel into the document.
  • Insert symbols into text as a glyph.
  • Organize symbols into folders.
  • Assign style activation schemes to symbol folders, to define alternative symbol selections.
  • Export and reuse symbols using VectorStyler specific symbols library (binary, JSON or XML formats).
  • Update a collection of symbols from an existing symbols file.

Powerful symbols workflow

  • Use Reference Canvases to create and edit objects that are used as symbols.
  • Define multiple objects as symbols, by setting the role of the canvas containing the objects.
  • Link to VectorStyler document files containing objects and symbols.
  • Update symbols from linked documents automatically or manually, as the external document file is changed.
  • Use Style Activation Groups to automatically select groups of Symbols or Styles.