October 12, 12109

Create reusable styles for object attributes

  • Create styles from most object attributes, fills, outlines, image or shape effects.
  • Styles are used by referencing, changes to a style are immediately reflected on the objects using the style.
  • Create styles by setting roles of named objects and referencing the style from the objects.
  • Changes on objects with a style role are automatically reflected on objects using the style.
  • Create styles by setting a style role of a Reference Canvas, so that all named objects in that canvas are treated as style definitions.
  • Object names with style roles (or in a Reference Canvas with a style role) automatically show up in various lists of the user interface (fill, outline, transparency, etc.) for selecting a style.

Powerful styling tools

  • Apply a style by drag and drop from the Style panel.
  • Copy and paste styles between objects.
  • Locally override any linked style in symbol instances.
  • Use the style picker tools to pick and apply object styles, object shapes and image effects.
  • Search and replace objects using selected styles.

The Styles panel

  • Use the Styles panel to create, apply and organize the styles in a document.
  • Separate panels are used for Character and Paragraph styles.
  • Symbols are threated as styles, but shown in a separate panel.
  • Reference objects with style roles are also shown in the Styles panel.
  • Assign style activation schemes on style folders to create style alternatives in a single document.
  • Export styles into a VectorStyler specific style format for sharing and reuse (in binary, JSON or XML formats).
  • Update a collection of styles from a previously saved styles file.
  • Organize styles into folders.

Powerful styles workflow

  • Use Style Activation Groups to automatically swap between different style instances.
  • Use Reference Canvases to create and edit objects whose attributes are reused as styles throughout the document.
  • Define large number of styles by setting the role of a Reference Canvas.
  • Link to VectorStyler document files containing styles to reuse these in the current document.
  • Update styles from linked documents as the document is changed.
  • Change the shape of selected objects by assigning a shape style.
  • Clip a group of objects or a layer inside a shape by selecting a shape style.
  • Apply shape and image effects from previously defined styles.