October 12, 12109

Selecting objects directly

  • Option to select objects by using intersecting or including marquee.
  • Select object using arbitrary shapes with the lasso tool.
  • Select objects using the magic wand tool based on similar styling.
  • Select and transform individual shapes in composite shapes.
  • Select and transform individual objects in groups.
  • Select and transform content of linked images or graphics, to setup cropping and clipping.

Advanced selection commands

  • Select objects based on visibility or in the visible view area.
  • Select all objects below or above the current selection.
  • Select locked or hidden objects.
  • Select objects containing missing links.
  • Select objects based on attribute similarity.
  • Isolate editing inside a group of objects.
  • Draw, paste or place objects inside existing objects.

Reusable and automatic selections

  • Define any number of named markers (stickers) that can be associated with objects.
  • Select objects having specific markers.
  • Search for objects with specific markers in the Find / Replace command.
  • Save object selections and reselect the same objects later using the Selections panel.

Powerful object alignment options

  • Use the Alignment panel to position objects relative to each other.
  • Align objects based on selection, stacking or geometric order.
  • Align to Selection, Key Object or to Artboard.
  • Align and distribute object reference locations relative to each other.
  • Create custom alignment scheme using the More Options command of the Alignment panel menu.
  • Align objects sizes: that is resize objects, not just move them.
  • Align multiple objects along a path.

Improved and extended grids and guidelines

  • Setup multiple grids at arbitrary angle.
  • Grids can be points or lines. Line grids may run in a single direction (at an angle).
  • Assign grid to an artboard, a canvas or the whole document.
  • Manage the grid from the Grid panel.
  • Drag and drop guidelines from the ruler.
  • Rotate guidelines to arbitrary angles by selecting them close to the view margin.
  • Snap to rotated guidelines directly.
  • Manage multiple guidelines and guideline groups in the Guideline panel.
  • Create guidelines from objects or layers.

Advanced object snapping

  • Snap to object boundaries when moving or resizing objects.
  • Snap object sizes to other object sizes when resizing objects.
  • Snap to guideline angles when rotating objects, or drawing lines
  • Snap points to object shapes when editing curve nodes or moving objects.
  • Collision snapping to multiple arbitrarily shaped objects.
  • Snap to object formations by detecting basic geometric locations.

Advanced object positioning tools

  • Use the gap tool to adjust the gap between objects.
  • Use the collision tool to move or rotate objects so they align to curved shapes.
  • Arrange objects in the stacking order using various Arrange commands.
  • Scale, Skew, Rotate and Reflect objects using dedicated tools.