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    If anyone interested, there is a VectorStyler promo on Stack Social:

  • @vectoradmin

    Looked at the site, and the first thing that
    that came to my mind was: 29,- is way too low.
    for all the tools you get with VectorStyler.

    I am not a marketing specialist, A Sale is ok, but
    VS should not sell itself below value, 50.- or 60.-
    I still find a good offer. Just my personal opion.

  • @Subpath I agree completely. Even the typical 95 dollar a year is undervaluing what VS offers. Not claiming to know what @vectoradmin is plotting (lol), but i can imagine with VS being a relatively new program, there is a need to get eyes on the application and provide a low-risk bar of entry. People might balk at 95 dollars but be willing to take the jump for 29 dollars right now.
    Some of the odd arguments on the Affinity forum for example mention that Affinity is half the price of VS - how quickly we forget what Adobe has gashed us with on pricing for decades! I still remember pirated software and when I owned legit Adobe suites, debating if I should upgrade that year for $600+ or wait another cycle!
    Many of us would have never known VS existed had it not been mentioned numerous times on the Affinity forum. Specials like these make it easy to pass the word around.

  • @Boldline

    Well, Affinity Designer costs half the price of VS. I myself own, love Affinity Designer for Symbols
    and Isometric Studio, and the built-in Pixel Persona.
    But with VS, for not much more money, you get a "ton" of features that Affinity Designer users
    have wanted for years.

    For the marketing strategy for VS, these facts may be a way to get more users on board.

  • @Subpath I agree with everything you shared. I love Affinity and use their products as well. Between VS and Affinity I pretty much have my needs met. I promoted the sale on every relevant Facebook group I'm in. I think it just takes time, steady improvements from VS, people like us sharing videos, how-to's, tutorials and the like. It will get there. People get used to doing things one way with one application and are not always quick to make a drastic change to a new one.