Helping explain new features that we suggest and get added

  • I had an idea as I was looking through the list of updates for the release of the new build today. Some of the updates and new features are from a long list @vectoradmin has been working from for a while now. Other new features are things we are contributing to the program and he is adding in as we go along.
    If @vectoradmin adds a feature you advocated for or improves a feature dramatically that you helped contribute ideas and methods to, would you be willing to post a quick explanation of what the feature does and any applicable info on using it?

  • @Boldline I certainly would! What section of the forum would these go under, "Tutorials" or a different section?

  • @Victor-Vector I think the best place would be the tutorials section ultimately. Maybe we go to the build announcement and copy and paste the related sentence line @vectoradmin posted and mention the build number and then be sure we paste the tip in the tutorials section.
    I'm going to go back in and find some of the ones added over the last few builds that I was a part of and add those to the tutorials section. If we include the build info and quote the related text from @vectoradmin used in that build description, it should be easy to go reference if needed.
    I'm open to ideas and thoughts for improving it.