update 1.0.015 RC1

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    VectorStyler 1.0.015 RC1 release notes

    • Fixed: stroke with gradient and Transform Content enabled resulting in wrong display.
    • Fixed: use last selected font in new text shape and frame.
    • Fixed: option to enable transform box while in the text editor (in Preferences -> Editing Options).
    • Fixed: option show cursor position in ruler (in Preferences -> Performance).
    • Fixed: adjust scrolling speed in all lists.
    • Fixed: better indication of point snapping.
    • Fixed: positioning font accent in glyph outlines.
    • Fixed: scaling or skewing node selection did not adjust first node.
    • Fixed: pen tool to allow clicking on existing shapes without selection.
    • Fixed: option to disable next segment preview in pen tool (on by default, in Preferences -> Changing Options).
    • Fixed: do not delete object after removing last node in pen tool.