update 1.0.038

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    There was a regression with the trial mode.

    VectorStyler 1.0.038 release notes

    • Improved: cut and merge variable width profiles with the pencil eraser mode.
    • Fixed: problems with tab positions in frame text.
    • Fixed: bleed and slug handling.
    • Fixed: collider tool should work also when the Snap to Shapes is disabled.
    • Fixed: selecting stroke width in the Properties panel.
    • Fixed: slider increment should be small when using large units.
    • Fixed: changing default stroke and brush width from zero.
    • Fixed: problems with knife tool on composite shapes.
    • Fixed: pasting to active artbaord in the same document.
    • Fixed: preview of deleting original option in the Offset Path view.
    • Fixed: background of context panel in light modes.
    • Fixed: solid stroke preview in brush panel should be darker.
    • Fixed: automatic scrolling when hovering over font list margins.
    • Fixed: scissor tool should convert shapes to curves.
    • Fixed: node eraser should not remove whole objects when clicking on a shape node.
    • Fixed: importing gradient from EPS files.
    • Fixed: cannot change color mode in color panel if nothing is selected.
    • Fixed: under of color filters on text shape breaks.
    • Fixed: wrong clipping of image effects on shapes with winding fills.
    • Fixed: find / replace in some text shapes may crash the app.
    • Fixed: pasting appearance will paste new objects of objects were copied after appearance (should have separate pasteboard).
    • Fixed: displaying effects on some shapes with outlines had the wrong effect region.
    • Fixed: copying objects to the pasteboard clears the selection (and keeps the copy selected).