Import (or Link) a file without specifying the area.

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    Importing a file without specifying the area. (I'm assuming JPEG here, VS native or PDF will behave differently) The image will be fitted and placed in Artboard.
    Is there a function to import the image in its original size?

    To change the aforementioned image to the original size view, check off "Transformed content" in the context menu (right click).
    Then, the image will be displayed in its original size, but the frame will remain the same.
    Is there a function to make this frame FIT the image?

    When I import text without specifying the area, the text frame fits to the Artboard. The text inside the frame will also be enlarged. And I can't control it at the exact POINT.
    Is this the wrong way to import?

    My opinion
    It may be a cultural difference, but I don't feel comfortable with the "suddenly FIT into Artboad after the command and load" method.
    To undo it, I do the Q2 operation, but the frame remains extra large.
    The general operation is

    • File>Import
    • Use the pointer to specify the location, or draw a rectangle to specify the area.
      Of course, there is also the method of specifying the area from the beginning.

    I think that's about it.
    I think the UI for VS Import needs to be re-examined.
    how about this?

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    A1: After importing, select Effects -> Remove All Shape Effects. This will remove the scaling added by import.

    A2: No such function.

    A3: This is the only way to import text for now. The text size is from the default character style. I add to the backlog the suggested importing scheme.

  • @vectoradmin

    Can you please consider implementing a feature to cancel scaling on import?
    I don't think this is necessary, especially for text data.
    In the current version, when importing multiple images, only the first image is fit to the artboard, the rest are placed at the original size.
    It would be nice to have some options for this as well.

    Would you consider implementing a feature where if the frame is larger than the image, the frame will FIT the content?
    It is a sterile task to do this manually for many images.

    Re: A3
    The issue in Q3 was resolved with Effect>Remove All Shape Effect.

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    @861475_VctSt I added these to the backlog.