beta 190

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    VectorStyler beta 190 release notes

    • Improved: better coverage handling in eraser and expander tools.
    • Improved: show images as transparent grays in wireframe.
    • Improved: new layout for preference view.
    • Fixed: divide shapes and shape maker tool handling of complex winding fills.
    • Fixed: pasting images from AI.
    • Fixed: better accessibility support, work with Magnet window manager.
    • Fixed: Control+ click in zoom tool should not start zoom in animation.
    • Fixed: line tool with Shift+ should be abkle to create new lines if nothing is selected.
    • Fixed: ungroup all did not expanded all groups in some cases.
    • Fixed: fixed noise position in noise gradient.
    • Fixed: do not create too small pattern tiles in pattern editors.
    • Fixed: should copy pattern content when saving it to presets.
    • Fixed: crash in artboard options view when selecting the grid units.
    • Fixed: creating and using custom preset groups.
    • Fixed: possible freeze while rendering with metal.
    • Fixed: moving with tab key in color panel fields.
    • Fixed: crash when selecting Separate Maps in Displacement image effect.
    • Fixed: pasting text shapes from clipboard may resize other objects temporarily, requiring a reset.
    • Fixed: copy paste multiple objects should keep object center.

  • great improvment for the prefs window 👍

  • @michaelokraj I agree!