Best way to Crop an Image?

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    In this case, I was trying just to crop a jpg photo.



    see my post above
    Bitmap format doesnt matter as long as
    you could import it in VS

  • I couldn't that to work but thanks. Not as simple as using the mouse to draw around an area then pressing the enter key.


  • @pw said in Best way to Crop an Image?:

    I couldn't that to work but thanks. Not as simple as using the mouse to draw around an area then pressing the enter key.


    Most of us here found Vectorstyler because of its exceptional vector features at a price that is far, far from Corel's and Adobe's rather high prices. It's like a date, if you leave your date immediately on a single flaw, you may be leaving the person who will follow you faithfully through thick and thin.

    I agree that such a program here, when it supports JPG and bitmap, should also have a common tool like crop, and you should know that the programmer behind VS has improved the program significantly and quickly several times, so it's not a shortcoming that necessarily persists. I haven't seen a program before where it pays to be optimistic and keep up like this. 🙂

    I can certainly recommend exploring the vector toolset, and for bitmap there are also quite a few image effects, so apart from crop I don't really think anything is missing.

    On the bright side, having used many of the major programs for decades, I can tell you that I have waited for bug fixes for years or months or in vain in other programs, but many really annoying bugs in Vectorstyler disappear in a few weeks. By comparison, I've waited for several bug fixes in other programs since way back in 2002. And never before have I seen them fixed as quickly as in Vectorstyler. Not even close.

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    Thank you. I just wanted to use part an image for something and thought it would be nice to not have to switch to another program to do that. Seems like something like that is kind of expected.

    I will check out the features again of VectorStyler to see if I can use and adapt to it. And if I there is anything that it does that I am missing.

    No, I will not rent software for life from Adobe! Even if I had a big company to pay for it!


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    well said

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    By the way, there are yet other ways to crop a bitmap in VS
    Simple Crop may be a little faster

    But the clipping method has a few advantages

    • you can use any vector shape for cropping/clipping

    • you can rearrange the clipping area at any point you like

      • double click on the clipping object
        rearrange your bitmap
        double click on the canvas
    • The whole thing works non-destructively, the original bitmap
      will not be changed. Only areas are covered.

    • Your vector object (Rectangle) can still be edited

  • @pw

    If you have any further questions, your welcome to ask them in the forum

    If you like to share Ideas to make VS better your welcome to
    post it in the "Features and Ideas" Section

  • Can't seem to find the crop tool ?
    Where is it.. have read thread but can;t work it out

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    @ambros There is a new crop tool in 1.2: 0_1713278671347_imagecrop.png

    But remember that it odes not alter the image, only its clipping frame.

  • @VectorStyler . Got it thank you 👍
    works very well.. did exactly what I hoped it would do