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    @Victor-Vector said in VectorStyler roadmap:

    @vectoradmin, a big thank you to you for putting this together!
    I noticed that there is no Phase 6. Is it a secret phase or a just a typo? 😁

    Mistake in numbering 🙂

    Please let us know what we can do to support you: testing, suggestions, documentation, etc.

    The best thing to do now is to use it and discover issues so they can be fixed. And of course if you know someone who would like to try VS, it is always good to spread the word 🙂

  • @VectorStyler Thank you for this great communication with (potential) VS users... ☺
    We know what we can expect in the short and long term. VS will be the vector drawing app that will replace all others (and all additional plugins) 👍

    I hope you will develop in the medium term a desktop publishing software associated with VS... "PageStyler" 😀 , as powerful as InDesign. It's the only Ad software I miss in my work and for my hobbyist activities.
    Thanks for this roadmap !

  • @VectorStyler Version 1.2 is often mentioned and I was wondering what stage it corresponds to in relation to the roadmap? Thanks.

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    @Pat Version 1.2 will cover the phase 1 features, but with lots of improvements from phase 3 and 4 (it has been reorganized a bit).

    It is progressing, with most of the larger features implemented, but there are still a lot of smaller ones to be done.

  • @VectorStyler thanks for the update! Encouraging to hear how much progress you've made and impressive that this is not just a single phase update but phase one plus parts of phases three and four.

  • At the interface level, what I would really like to see are:

    • Improved template selection for 'New Document' &
    • Reduce panels to icons
      @VectorStyler Have you already planned whether this is coming soon after the 1.2 version?
      Thanks ☺

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    @Pat The iconified panels is in the 1.2 backlog.
    Templates are for later, but that might change (depending how the other tasks go).

  • @VectorStyler Simply brilliant 👏

  • @VectorStyler said in VectorStyler roadmap:

    @Pat ...
    Templates are for later, but that might change (depending how the other tasks go).

    I like this feature. Personally, as I had only used Affinity Designer in the last few years, being confronted with all the options from the start delayed the moment when I really got into VS (due to lack of time). It would help everyone.

  • @VectorStyler I just noticed this feature in the F1 section: "Grid subdivision options".
    Without being as easy to use as the column/row/gutter guides automatically adjusted on the document margins, this feature will help with the layout. As this option is described in the features 1, will it be in the version 1.2?
    AffDesigner presents several features in the setting of guides and grids. This is an example of a grid that correspends to what would be column/line/gutter guides