Affinity user poll excluded VS as an option!

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    Ultra deep Zoom (max 25600)
    double then VS

    ??? VS max zoom level is 0_1659025082710_zoomlevel.png

    uuuiiiiii, dit not know
    then sorry for that, will correct it

    but isnt shown in Presettings in Bottom left

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    Airbrush like Vector Brush
    (in a vector program !)

    This is great, but it can be done in VS — apply a blur effect to a path and save it as a brush preset.

    Shure many things could also be done in VS today.

    But was not my intention to start a competion
    would just note some Things / Tools that was very unsual
    in Vector Programs
    at the Times Xara came out. And thats quite a while ago.

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    @Subpath The edit fields for zoom level might have some other limit, will check that.

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    Will show some Tools and Features of Xara tomorrow.

    My first introduction to Xara was around 1998 when I was working as a graphic designer / illustrator / drum scanner operator for a very busy Nottingham Repro company - My boss wheeled in the PC (we all had Macs) and said ‘the guys at Serif want to know what we make of this’ and handed me a Xara CD which I loaded onto the PC and had a mess around - at the time I was using Freehand for all vector work (we had Illustrator 6 but really hated it)- Freehand 8 had all these new transparent features that would slow your system to a crawl if used and wouldn’t run through a RIP so we never used them - but messing with Xara was nice and fluent and the transparency was amazing, so after a few hours of messing, my boss came in and said ‘So what do you think,’ I said it’s incredible, basic but incredible, then he went on to say that Serif where thinking of doing something similar, wether that was licence the tech or rip it off, I don’t know, my boss than said ‘I know what you’re gonna ask - will there be a Mac version?’ he said that was his first question to the guy from Serif who’s reply was ‘Maybe in the future’ I don’t know what became of this, we where already outputting film seps of the box designs for DrawPlus and PagePlus for Serif, so wether they built in the tech to existing apps, I don’t know - I did go out and buy Corel Xara when it came out though, which was a great, although didn’t play nice with postscript devices if I remember right.

    Sorry for the nostalgic waffle 😁

  • @Dazmondo Slightly off topic, but still relative to great vector applications - anyone ever use Mischief? --- showed so much promise, super fluent vector Pressure sensitive brushes including vector airbrushes, very basic but never got to blossom before being purchased and killed of by The Foundry in 2015 - I still have and use it today - problem is you can only save raster from it, only vector within the Mischief .art format but there were load of plans to expand the toolset and export options ---- real shame

  • Here a Video about some Tools/Features in Xara

    Airbrush Brush

    Pen Tool could also used for Brushes

    Copying Shapes/Text only with the Mouse

    Fill Gallery

    The little 3D Tool that is included

    Has Smart Forms, also for Diagrams and Tables

    Some Tools and Features in Xara Video

  • @Dazmondo

    Nice Story 🙂

    CorelXara was the time where Corel bought Xara for a while.
    And I guess they copied a few ideas and techniques and
    used them later in Coreldraw versions.

    I was also very impressed the first time I used it.
    I never thought vector graphics could be so fluid and easy.
    And I think it is still a nice illustration tool to this day.

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    @Dazmondo - anyone ever use Mischief?

    Know Mischief, but have only played once with the demo.
    Too bad it was discontinued.

    A tool that goes a bit in the direction of Mischief is
    the app "Concepts" for the iPad
    Has an infinite canvas like Mischief, is a vector graphics app
    but some brushes look like bitmap brushes. Has a Watercolor Brush (vector)
    that mixes somewhat with the colors underneath.
    (I don't know the technique behind, I think it's not bitmaps on a path).

    There is also a PC version, but it is behind in development.
    Would not recommend it.

  • @Subpath Thanks for the Xara mini-video! 👍