update 1.1.059

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    VectorStyler 1.1.059 release notes

    • Undoing ungroup all for large object hierarchies should be faster.
    • Do not ungroup shape composited groups in Ungroup All command.
    • Importing composite shape from AI should result in a composite shape.
    • Specular and diffuse light filter rendering regression.
    • Image effect on fill content of text did not display correctly.
    • Image effect rendering region for appearance item.
    • Live preview for randomized stroke width profile adjustment.
    • Fixed a regression in numeric color editing fields.

  • @VectorStyler

    Einstein once said " Nothing can be faster than light speed"
    i think he is wrong

    Outline on Beveled Shapes look fine now
    and Live Preview for randomized stroke profil also 👍

  • Amazing the number of updates and bug fixes being performed while in the midst of a major update to 1.2! @VectorStyler told us to not expect too much during this time while he focused on the big update, but here he is knocking out massive edits all along the way. Im grateful for all the fixes and excited to see what 1.2 holds!

  • Indeed, amazing and brilliant 👍

    Now, I would really need tutorials to fully immerse myself in VS and not be tempted by the ease of other apps. I did try to read the documentation but I have trouble keeping up with the reading... and the descriptions don't often help me.
    It would be ideal to be able to watch -or read- tutorials for beginners and advanced users with concrete cases (like those already mentioned on this forum) for various aspects of VS: creating new documents (important aspects for further work like canvas, artboards, etc.), creating brushes and symbols, etc.