update 1.1.064

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    VectorStyler 1.1.064 release notes

    • Snapping when repositioning shape drawing with the space key.
    • Closing path with the Pen tool when the Adjustments option is disabled.
    • Crash when using the pasteboard with the Select After Delete option enabled.
    • Eraser tool deleted entire shape in some cases.
    • Do not open multiple groups at once in layers panel.
    • Show cursor when clicking in the empty search box.
    • Guideline snapping to path nodes.
    • Fixed regression in scaled text highlight and cursor display.
    • Multiple node selection from a single object should not align to the artboard by default.
    • Using the style picker tool while in isolation mode.
    • Expand stroke on objects inside groups.
    • Zoom, view rotate and pan tools to not show context menu.
    • Undoing a mesh skewing did not refresh correctly.
    • Double clicking on a mesh edge to add a new mesh node at the correct position.
    • Added document option to show coordinates relative to artboard.