update 1.0.021 of RC1

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    VectorStyler 1.0.021 RC1 release notes

    • Fixed: popover views did not work from docked panels in Windows.
    • Fixed: regression causing crash when working with text frames.
    • Fixed: crash when multiple displacement shape effects use the same mask.
    • Fixed: elastic warp from tool box did not activate with a single click.
    • Fixed: additional brush tool issues when using stroke presets.
    • Fixed: image object to show image file name as a default object name.
    • Fixed: changing original pattern object content did not refresh pattern correctly.
    • Fixed: pattern tiling is incomplete when negative spacing is used.
    • Fixed: preset popover bubble leaf position is wrong when clicking at the button margin.
    • Fixed: pattern preset creating view did not preview all options.
    • Fixed: open shape at the selected node.
    • Fixed: disabled print separation did not remove separation when printing.
    • Fixed: converting text shape to frame moved the object position.
    • Fixed: importing certain GIF files resulted in corrupted images.
    • Fixed: registration marks when printing with separation.
    • Fixed: inconsistent mouseUp/Down events on drop down menus

  • A bonus update this week!