update 1.0.029 RC3

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    Updated due to a regression in the color palette panel.

    VectorStyler 1.0.029 RC3 release notes

    • Improved: add uniform scaling option to all shape types (in preferences).
    • Improved: option to select nodes in selected objects only (in preferences).
    • Improved: 3 point rectangle drawing.
    • Improved: duplicate shape or image effect when Option+ dragging in the effects panel.
    • Fixed: user interface font on Big Sur.
    • Fixed: text field highlight and cursor position on Big Sur.
    • Fixed: resizable open file view on Big Sur.
    • Fixed: webp file format support in M1 version.
    • Fixed: break apart text shape creates a group of objects.
    • Fixed: clipped drop shadow on scatter brush.
    • Fixed: transforming (scaling or rotating) selected quadratic nodes.
    • Fixed: text frame copying may result in blocked text.
    • Fixed: find and replace characters with diacritic marks.
    • Fixed: cursor movement with empty paragraphs.
    • Fixed: scaling selected nodes while holding Option.
    • Fixed: text cursor display on dark background.
    • Fixed: use name of the file as an object name when importing.
    • Fixed: use object name as the default symbol name when creating a symbol.
    • Fixed: do not import AI effects as presets when importing other presets.
    • Fixed: indicator used in color picker should not display all nodes.
    • Fixed: text wrap undo did not refresh the text flow.
    • Fixed: select pasted objects.
    • Fixed: closing with modified documents should focus the document when asking for saving.
    • Fixed: cursor filter did not work with alternate color space.
    • Fixed: offset path did not reset correctly.
    • Fixed: restoring stroke required two undo steps in some cases.
    • Fixed: update color of stroke in panel when right clicking.
    • Fixed: allow right click on ruler when guidelines are locked or hidden.

  • @vectoradmin Awesome!

  • @vectoradmin looking very forward to the final release! Great job so far. I thought it is worth to mention 😉

  • Global Moderator

    @michaelokraj said in update 1.0.029 RC3:

    @vectoradmin looking very forward to the final release! Great job so far. I thought it is worth to mention 😉

    Presumably you mean the production/stable release?

    A final release suggests the software is no longer being developed, and that is not something to look forward to when the author is doing so well... personally I'm hoping the "final" release of VectorStyler is many years away.

  • @fde101 Aside from knowing @vectoradmin needs to eventually make some money from all of his hard work, I'm loving the beta process and the speed at which ideas and improvements are being added. I feel spoiled seeing weekly updates and knowing my ideas and contributions are being acknowledged and added to the betterment of VS.
    @vectoradmin has mentioned on the forum in other posts that production of VS will continue even after stable final release of version1. There are things I've suggested like 3d text that he said he'd consider after the first release.

  • @fde101 I meant it exactly how I have written it. – I started with Photoshop 3 and in comparison this tool is lightyears ahead from where Adobe started.

  • Global Moderator

    You still aren't seeing it.

    "Final" means no more releases - development is over, there will be no future versions at all, beta or otherwise.

  • Let's not fight over this, we get what Michael meant — he and us all are looking forward to the final Release Candidate, which I think is not far now.

    I also congratulate the developer for the hard work put in this very ambitious app — if version 1.0 is this capable, version 2.0 will blow everyone's minds. 🙂

  • @fde101 #facepalm really.
    @b77 exactly 👍