about the first (stable) release

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    Just wanted to give an update about the progress of releasing a stable version. The plan was to have it complete by end of May, and it is quite close.

    The first (stable) release will be made on the Mac App Store, as this one may require some changes still.
    This will be followed by a trial/purchase of the Mac version available on the website (using Paddle).

    Obviously, there is a free license for those contributing thus far, here on the forum end/or by email.

    The Windows version will remain in beta for now. The main missing component being the EMF/WMF import export (also needed for the clipboard). This will also be added to the Mac version once it is available.

    All these versions (app store, mac download, windows) will be the same in the features, with only minor differences if required.

    As for the mode of operating: I think that having as frequent as possible, incremental releases with bug fixes, improvements and new features is the best way to proceed. All reported issues so far that are not fixed, remain open in the backlog and will be addressed in the future.
    And please continue reporting issues and ways to improve VectorStyler 🙂 regardless of the release status.

  • Looking forward to the first release 🙂