update 1.0.033 RC3

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    VectorStyler 1.0.033 RC3 release notes

    • Fixed: crop mark positions are wrong.
    • Fixed: bleeding did not work when printing.
    • Fixed: preview bleeding on artboards.
    • Fixed: density slider in the perturbation effect had wrong intervals.
    • Fixed: multiple styles in text shapes did not display correctly.
    • Fixed: undoing the deletion of multiple style items did not restore the order.
    • Fixed: non monochrome add noise using GPU.
    • Fixed: transform effect should allow offsetting.
    • Fixed: scaling nodes from multiple objects.
    • Fixed: selecting nodes by clicking when the nodes are close.
    • Fixed: do not create new file when opening the app by double clicking on an existing file.
    • Fixed: improving some of the tool icons.
    • Fixed: snapping was not working on source of referenced objects.
    • Fixed: expanding stroke created a wrong corner type.
    • Fixed: scrolling in scale fields changed the value too much.
    • Fixed: file open and save dialog on windows was broken.
    • Fixed: bring to forward and sending back did not always work on multiple selected objects.
    • Fixed: problems with refresh when undoing multiple duplications.
    • Fixed: option to remove or keep stroke settings when setting the stroke color to none (Preferences -> Changing -> Remove Empty Stroke).

  • Those new icons are pretty sexy, they really lifted up the whole look and feel. 👍

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    @Kyriakos I agree - the GUI is looking more polished all the time