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    VectorStyler reached its first release milestone.
    The development pace will not slow down, updates and bug fixes will be available in weekly releases, unless some major feature requires more time.

    The last build fixes the following issues:

    • Fixed: knife tool to cut combined shapes correctly.
    • Fixed: do not show text shape nodes when drawing with freehand tool.
    • Fixed: opacity field in properties panel is too small.
    • Fixed: show tool tips for additional options button in properties panel.
    • Fixed: show tool tips for preset lists.
    • Fixed: non uniform mapping in sliders with percent values was broken.
    • Fixed: remove source shape in group exclude.
    • Fixed: closing document view in a tiled view group may leave stack behind.
    • Fixed: document setup undo did not refresh correctly.
    • Fixed: adjusting objects along a path did not set the correct offset.

    This update is not automatic. Please use VectorStyler -> Check for Updates (or Help -> Check for Updates on Windows). Or just download the installer from the landing page.

    You may continue to use the previous beta, or download the trial and register if you have already received a license key (for contributing beta testers).
    The trial should run for 42 days with all features, after which it requires a license.

    The Windows version remains in beta until the EMF/WMF file format is available.

    Thanks for your feedback, and please continue providing them, as it is very important in improving VectorStyler!

    EDIT: the contributing beta user free licenses were also sent to Windows users (this is automated), as I cannot know who uses Windows or Macs, no tracking of users 🙂 . But the license will be valid for the Windows version also, once it is released.


    Great news. Hope the efforts were worth it – the tool looks great and brings such a powerful alternative to the Adobe. Looking forward to using it now more often!

  • Congratulations on the release of VS! I tried to download and register VS on my Mac, but in the fields in the Register window I can not type text, only giving me a error sound. The first time I tried it the app subsequently crashed.

    Edit: I have succeeded in copying the text into the fields. This is a bit counterintuitive though.

  • Hi @postdes

    I have the same "issue". So how exactly did you succeed? I always get a "invalid license" error.

  • Indeed I first tried entering the fields by typing, which does not work, copy/paste does fill the fields, but I also get an error message:

    0_1623157748428_Schermafbeelding 2021-06-08 om 15.08.39.png

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    Must be a server issue, I will check this ASAP!

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    For now, try to copy the license from the "---begin" up to the "end--" text. This should have been fixed, but it seems it is not yet.
    Also: if there is a space before the user name or email please remove it.

  • @vectoradmin Congratulations! 🎉 It's been quite the journey. Really looking forward to the success of VS

  • Congratulations! I got a tad tied up with work but am still following the development. Such a wonderful milestone! Thank you for rewarding contributing beta testers with a license key. I have and will continue to shout out about VS wherever there is a listening ear. Such exciting development! Again - congratulations!

  • Best piece of news in my inbox today! Congratulations for the release! 🎉
    The license key is much appreciated too.

    Make sure to launch the app on Producthunt too, and share the link with us.

  • @WhiteX @vectoradmin YES! Producthunt!!!

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    So far so good... what is permitted with the license?

    Install on multiple machines (desktop + laptop)?

    Use on both at once or non-simultaneous use?

    Just so we know what the rules are as I don't see an actual license document anywhere, including within the product after installing or anywhere in the distribution...

  • @vectoradmin Woo-hoo! 🙂

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    Uploaded a new build, with better name and license handling. Let me know if there are still issues to register.

  • @syllie @vectoradmin +1 Producthunt!

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    If I try "Check for Updates" I am getting "Update Error!" - "No valid update information could be loaded."

    This is with the build I downloaded earlier from the web site (1.0.035), license was applied successfully, under macOS 10.14.6.

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    @vectoradmin congratulations! Such exciting news. I'm glad to hear the pace will continue with improvements and additions. It's been impressive to see the almost weekly pace you've been on with it the last couple years, I'm glad you'll start getting financially rewarded for it. I've been spreading the word about vectorstyler and will continue to do so. Thank you for all you've done for the beta testers. I'm excited to see where this all goes in the next year and beyond!

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    @syllie glad to see you around again! I learned much from your approach to giving feedback. You're a valuable asset to the VS community

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    @fde101 I did manage to replicate this issue with the Universal binary.
    The problem was the version number on the server side of the universal update feed.
    This is fixed now, so please try again.

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    All went well. I did the automatic update within my currently installed beta of VS and it let me install the new version just fine and then gave me the 42 day trial option. I went to the Help option at the top and registered my version just fine.