update 1.0.041

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    VectorStyler 1.0.041 release notes

    Updated due to two regressions. New version is up.

    • Improved: trim and join tool, with click erasure mode.
    • Improved: change stroke or brush width in the pencil and brush tools using the bracket keys.
    • Improved: multiple improvements in the navigator panel.
    • Improved: added a navigator popup button to the bottom right corner of the document view.
    • Improved: eraser tool to also join when segments were cut in separate sweeps.
    • Improved: reset the object center after eraser tool changes.
    • Improved: pick envelope shape from an other object (using panel menu command on selected Envelope effect).
    • Improved: additional bending effect options to control bending start / end position along the curve.
    • Improved: remove fixed transformation center, by clicking again on the selected center knob. This mode will transform around the adjusted object center.
    • Improved: snap guidelines with Shift+ to visible ruler units at the current zoom value.
    • Improved: add Unlock All command to the Object menu.
    • Improved: option to allow the selection of locked objects, Select / Options / Allow Locked Objects.
    • Improved: scrolling in the context panel using the swipe gesture.
    • Improved: split text shape into characters, words or lines.
    • Improved: rearrange boolean operation tools.
    • Improved: added a low contrast gray theme.
    • Improved: select objects with open path sweeps using the lasso tool.
    • Improved: detach (expand) styles in selected objects.
    • Fixed: performance issues with ungroup all on large groups.
    • Fixed: undo after break apart did not work correctly on text.
    • Fixed: merge should detect styles correctly and merge accordingly.
    • Fixed: shape builder region handling with touching shapes.
    • Fixed: regression in transform marker sensitivity for skewing.
    • Fixed: copy SVG as text to clipboard on Windows.
    • Fixed: Copy should not mark document as changed.
    • Fixed: removing effects did not update all effect links.
    • Fixed: changing document color mode did not update default drawing color.
    • Fixed: undo after duplicating multiple selected objects did not word correctly.
    • Fixed: tool tips did not show on Windows when using tablet.
    • Fixed: bleed and crop marks to use registration colors (to show on all plates).
    • Fixed: stroke and brush sizes list should adjust to document unit.
    • Fixed: changing the brush / stroke width in the brush / pencil tools should update the panels.
    • Fixed: color panel expands color when dragged from fill to stroke knob.
    • Fixed: allow guideline creation and change in the panning, zooming and view rotating tools.
    • Fixed: select control handles using box selection mode in the current path.
    • Fixed: hidden objects are shown in outline preview mode.
    • Fixed: segment eraser precision in large zoom mode.
    • Fixed: inner shadow effect margins were clipped.
    • Fixed: opacity may leak to other objects when exporting shapes with transparent fills into image formats.
    • Fixed: show nodes of paths when hovering over the shape.
    • Fixed: tool tips of boolean operations are not shown on Windows in auto preview mode.
    • Fixed: add scrolling step icons to the document scrollbar.

  • @vectoradmin

    Wow. It's got all the features I've been waiting for.
    I'll inspect it carefully.

  • The time you need to make improvements is ridiculous👏 . It definitely sets you apart from the competition. There are tons of topics on forums where people have been asking for basic functions for several years.

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    @encart Thanks!

    Unfortunately, there were two regressions. One was the text highlight with mouse dragging, and the other was the text label size in the Appearance panel.

    Both are fixed bow in 1.0.041

  • Global Moderator

    @encart @vectoradmin I think this all the time! Totally true. I'm not a developer so it's harder for me to gauge what is a 'normal" expectation for updates. Of course Csaba is going above and beyond and I now have to remind myself that most apps don't go this speed!

  • @vectoradmin Thank you for the quick update!

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    @Boldline @encart Thanks for the feedback.

    There is of course some technology behind all this that allows quick changes, experimentation, improvements, but it also depends on the topic.

    This batch of improvements relied mostly on existing things (like trim and join is just the improvement of the existing eraser feature), so besides a few mistakes (regressions), this was approachable.

    Not everything can be done this fast. Offset Path is one issue where work will continue, in incremental improvements (there were some). There are still some ideas to develop, and try. I will keep that open until it is fixed.

    Meanwhile, if some of the reported bugs are not fixed, it means that they are still open in the backlog 🙂

  • Global Moderator

    @vectoradmin no excuses! I'm giving you a week to fix offset path entirely! 😛 just kidding lol

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    @Boldline I guess the guys at Astute would be dissapointed 🙂 https://twitter.com/eehbyeck/status/1404777003216261122

  • Global Moderator

    @vectoradmin Wow, I just read that entire thread. It's obvious he's biased since his company's survival completely requires people use Illustrator - but I don't understand the trolling. He does similar things in the Affinity forums. I see it as a fear that your product and at some pint years from now, Affinity, will render his company obsolete. Still, I don't know how you stay calm and collected when he's doing that! lol
    On a different note hat's interesting about how some tools just take a long time to get right. I think I read somewhere that back in the day, Adobe bought out the code for vector tracing for example.