update 1.0.042

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    VectorStyler 1.0.042 release notes

    • Improved: add shortcut and settings for nudging stroke width up or down.
    • Improved: add layers panel option to do object copy / paste instead of renaming when in the panel.
    • Improved: nudge amount settings can be available in the context panel.
    • Improved: new option to create no fill boundary.
    • Fixed: Some composite shapes may result in empty path.
    • Fixed: Refresh after importing SVG.
    • Fixed: open navigator panel when double clicking on the navigator corner icon.
    • Fixed: larger navigator icons.
    • Fixed: lag between slider dragging and zoom.
    • Fixed: thinner registration, bleed and crop mark widths.

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    @vectoradmin Loving the adjustments to the stroke width with the bracket keys - really nice!
    I don't know if it was in this build or the prior, but also loving the ability to select node handles by dragging a selection box around one or more at a time and delete them to get a cusp node edge. Awesome!