May 10, 10059

Edit and manage multiple vector documents

  • Create new documents instantly, without modal interactions.
  • Create a new document, by specifying properties, opening from a template or copying artwork from the clipboard.
  • Revert document to the previously saved state, from the document file.
  • Save the current canvas into a separate file.
  • Open multiple documents into tabbed or separate views.
  • Open multiple views of the same document, to display and edit different parts of the document.

Setup document properties

  • Edit document properties using the Document Setup command.
  • Enable or disable Undo / Redo history storage into the document.
  • Select coordinate system direction to top-down or bottom-up.
  • Edit document file format options.
  • Setup document color properties.
  • Setup default document artboard style.
  • Specify default guideline, grid and slice indicator colors for a document.

Multiple canvases

  • Create, edit and manage multiple canvases, in a single document.
  • A canvas may inherit content from a master canvas, for better artwork and design reuse.
  • Organize canvases into a hierarchy, for better workflow.
  • Create and use top level canvas containers, to organize document content.
  • Place artwork into canvases under the main Canvas collection.
  • Use the Reference canvas container, to create canvases for referenced objects, artwork, brushes, styles and symbols that can be reused through the document.
  • Use the Master canvas container, to setup a master canvases, and reuse content in multiple other canvases.

Working with artboards

  • Create thousands of artboards, of arbitrary size on each canvas.
  • Set rotation of individual artboards at arbitrary angles.
  • Create, move, resize and rotate artboards, using the Artboard Tool.
  • Create grids of automatically generated artboards.
  • Edit size, position, rotation, margins, and fill color of artboards, using the Artboard Options command.
  • Arrange existing artboards into a grid.