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Vector graphics reimagined

vectorStyler is a professional drawing and illustration software for Mac

Create illustrations, logos, icons, drawings, typography, vector art for screen, print and web

Objects can have multiple fill and outline styles. Use the “Object Style” panel to create and edit multiple fill and outline styles of selected objects. Individual fill and outline styles can be copied between mutliple selected objects. Setup separate shape and image effects on each fill and outline style for complex object styling.

Align and distribute objects along a reference shape. Objects are rotated according to the shape direction. Use the interactive Alignment Tool to position the objects along the shape.

Create gradient fills and edit concentric or linear gradient shapes. Use a large selection of predefined gradient shapes, or create your own custom gradient shape.

Create and edit arbitrary gradient meshes. Select color and transparency of individual mesh nodes. Create or remove gradient mesh nodes using the interactive mesh editor.

Create and edit interactive elastic warp effects. With elastic warp a group of objects can be distorted by moving any number of locations, while the rest of object is stretched elastically according to the changes. Nodes can be added or removed, node vicinity can be rotated.

Bend and stretch objects along curves using the Bend Effect. Create and edit arbitrary bending shapes using the node editor tool. Select variable width profile to change the width of bending along the curve.

Create and use real vector brushes of various types. Use Art Brushes to decorate existing shapes. Use the Brush Tool to freely paint with true vector art brushes. Use pressure sensitive input to paint with variable width brushes.

Fill and outline objects with various generated noise styles. The Noise Browser view can be used to select from thousands of noise styles. Edit noise parameters to generate desired effect. Use noise in various image and shape effect for local changes.

Edit the object outline options from the stroke panel. Create custom arrow and cap shapes from objects. Use dash and stripe styles to decorate outlines. Variable stroke width profiles can be edited from the stroke panel or interactively.

Edit corners of arbitrary shaped objects using the Node Tool. The “Corner” panel can be used to select various shape styles and other options of the corner (not just circular). Define custom corner shapes and use them on any object as a corner style. Use the “Corner Shape” object role, to create dynamic corner shapes that are automatically updated whenever the original corner shape is edited.

Select arrows to of a stroke style from the “Stroke” panel. Define custom arrowhead presets and styles using any object. Create custom arrowhead styles by dynamically linking to the original objects. Whenever the object shape is edited, the arrwhead is automatically updated in the document.

Enable “Collision Snapping” (View / Guides / Collision Snapping) to collide arbitrary shapes. Collision snapping can be used to precisely align paths at any location. Colliding with two paths will define a fixed object location. Collision snapping is also integrated with guidelines at any angle, providing precise object positioning options.


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