May 10, 10059

Import from commonly used graphics formats

  • Import PSD files, retaining editing options of layer hierarchies, and adjustment filters.
  • Import native AI files (not just the PDF stream), retaining high level editing options of objects, brushes, tiling patterns, blends and effects.
  • Import PDF, Postscript and EPS files.
  • Import embedded PDF, PS, or EPS fonts as curves.
  • Import SVG files, including SVG image filters.
  • Import image files with PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PCX, TGA, GIF, HDR and EXR formats.
  • Insert linked content objects, pointing to external vector or image graphics files.

Advanced exporting options

  • Specify advanced export options using the Export command.
  • Export vectors to SVG, PDF, EPS or Postscript formats.
  • Export to image file formats: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PCX, TGA, GIF.
  • Export artboards and canvases to a single multi-page PDF file.
  • Setup detailed export options, specific to individual file formats.
  • Repeat the last file exporting command, using Export Again, including slice exporting.
  • Store export options with the document, so that Export Again works after opening a document that has been exported previously.

Export slices

  • Create and use export slices, to setup batch exporting of large number of files.
  • Draw, position, resize and rotate export slices, using the Slice tool.
  • Export slices can have arbitrary angles, rotating their content at export.
  • Each canvas may contain multiple export slices, of arbitrary position, size and rotation.
  • Assign export slices to artboards, to automatically generate slices based on artboard layout.
  • Export content of all or selected slices, using the Export Slices command.

The Slices panel

  • Manage the list of slices of the current, canvas using the Slices panel.
  • Assign names to individual slices, for labeling and export file naming.
  • Setup file format options for each slice.
  • Add multiple file formats and file exports, to each slice at arbitrary resolution and options.
  • Enable or disable individual slices.
  • Add a name suffix used in the automated naming of exported files.

Batch exporting

  • Batch export all or selected artboards using the Export Artboards command.
  • Each artboard can be exported into one or more files and formats.
  • Setup object batch exporting collections, using the Object Export panel.
  • Setup multiple file formats to export an object collection.
  • Create and manage multiple object batch exporting collections, for different export format settings.
  • Automatically override selected styles while batch exporting.