Set Artboard color using open color palette?

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    Could choosing the artboard fill color also be accomplished by clicking on a swatch in an open color palette? Just as a matter of convenience?

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    @Boldline Not in this way, the artboard options view is modal (cannot click outside).

    In the current version, the palette can be selected in the color popup, by clicking on the top-right drop down showing "Color", and selecting "Palettes".

    But this gives a better idea: when the artboard is selected with the artboard tool, any color selection should do this (not working yet).

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    Coming back to this topic again, I understand from your answer, that the artboard options view is modal. Is the color panel also modal? I ask because I wanted to see if a color picker could be available in the artboard options view much like we can use the eyedropper in the color panel to change the color of the background.

    Edit: I think I now understand what you were eluding to when you said, "when the artboard is selected with the artboard tool, any color selection should do this"
    If I select the artboard itself with the artboard tool, I can choose a color from any open color palette as well as make any color in the color panel wheel! I'm probably late to the party on this feature, but regardless,, it is awesome!
    I would still hope we could integrate an eyedropper tool for this function because I often have imported a shirt from the internet and I want the background of the artboard to be that exact shade of shirt color to design over top on.
    If this can't be added to the artboard options panel because it is modal, could it be a feature in the to-be added artboard options shortcut being added where "create" layer" is currently, or tied in with the artboard editor toolbar icon? I noticed the style picker tool right above it can be selected while the artboard itself is selected and it can be used to pick a color - can we add color sampling from anything in the UI including an imported photo to this?