Layer rename request and a bug

  • I rename layers on the go constantly and it is a little slow in VS.

    A bug:
    Group some objects, they are selected but hitting enter does not activate rename.
    Workaround: Click the hightlighted group once with the mouse and enter now works

    A request
    Standard OS shortcuts for renaming objects. One I miss terribly is slow double clicking that activates rename, standard in macOS Finder and Windows Explorer. Here you can just use OS values for miliseconds.

    I guess this could interfere with other operations in the layers panel so algorithm-wise it should be triggered by "when just one file is selected/highlighted and a second click is detected within some (large!) interval is detected, go to rename mode." Pure OS values should be used for predictability.

    (BTW thanks for the multi rename feature in the panel menu!)

  • administrators

    @Ingolf I add the renaming issues to the backlog.

    One feature that might be interesting here (or maybe already known):
    if you have some text in the clipboard, selecting the layer / object in the layers panel (without entering the name editing mode) and pressing Command+V will paste the name from the clipboard and rename the layer.

    And for multiple objects: if there is a multi line text in the clipboard, selecting multiple objects in the layers panel and pressing Command+V will rename the objects consecutively with names from the lines of the text.

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    @Ingolf There have been some improvements in the object renaming in Layers panel.

  • Bug fixed and request implemented - very good, thank you!