build 178

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    VectorStyler beta 178 release notes

    • Improved: Ungroup All action to recursively expand all selected groups.
    • Fixed: clicking in imported color palettes in the color bar was off by one.
    • Fixed: automatically mark colors for spot registration in some imported color palettes.
    • Fixed: crash caused by importing color palettes from ACO format.
    • Fixed: image effect mask editing may cause a crash if popover is closed while the mask is edited.
    • Fixed: object style picker to pick colors from selected object after selecting the tool.
    • Fixed: stroke width list hovering did not cancel when opened from the context panel.
    • Fixed: better cleanup of stroke expansion with stripes.
    • Fixed: a bug in importing EPS files containing binary encoded postscript code.
    • Fixed: converting text on path to curves when bending is used.
    • Fixed: text on path with bending option while using color fonts.

  • Where is 'Ungroup All'?

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    Should be in the Object menu.

    If the menu was customized, this will not show up.
    In that case you need to do a reset to original settings: hold Command+Option+Shift when starting.

  • @vectoradmin Yes, resetting was needed, thanks!