Layer features when right clicking layer / object

  • @Ingolf What current program are you using that has these right-click options on the layers panel? I could see it being effective on the sublayers of a main layer.

  • All programs except VS.

  • @Ingolf this is not a feature in illustrator for example. I did not try affinity yet

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    @Ingolf yes I think this is doable.

  • @Boldline said in Layer features when right clicking layer / object:

    @Ingolf this is not a feature in illustrator for example. I did not try affinity yet

    Yes, of course, not surprised. But as I said Illustrator stays in the past. There is a reason why I only use it when I have to.

    I am not comparing with Affinity. I am comparing with the entire software world and ui trends for 20-30 years. Right clicking is an old standard (20+ years) in every other program out there even InDesign, Photoshop, Affinity, CorelDRAW, XARA, Gravit Designer, Amadine, Krita, all programs offer it is an old standard for programs to offer object properties via right clicking - the sole reason why the right button is there in the first place. Quick access to relevant features for the object right clicked. A right click menu above objects is expected. Was for 20 or 30 years.

    So I can only repeat my usability warning about mimicking too much of Illustrators UI. Illustrator is - mildly put - not famous for its usability out there.

    Illustrator request
    Illustrator request 2

  • @vectoradmin said in Layer features when right clicking layer / object:

    @Ingolf yes I think this is doable.

    Thanks for considering 🙂

  • @Ingolf I think you might have misunderstood my question and also where I mentioned adding a right click menu in the layers panel sounded like a good idea.
    I was trying to understand what the added function would be and comparing it to other vector programs to see if they used it and what it accomplished. I knew raster programs had more right click function, but the needs for raster work differ from vector.
    The way the developer has built and structured VS from the ground up is already a more efficient and useful vector program than anything else out there. Of course you don't want to just change things for the sake of change alone. There is great value in commonality, especially to attract existing vector designers. I feel VS has done a great job so far only taking inspiration from the better things illustrator and other vector programs offer.

    I actually think it could have a solid impact, especially on the sublayers level where things could be quickly selected and modified without having to dig through stacked items on the art board. This level of control is already in VS but I can see adding a right click there as helping it be more well rounded for those less inclined to using keyboard shortcuts

  • @Boldline I might have 🙂

    Right clicking - always the most relevant, most used object features/properties. Often not a lot of options.

    Object priorities is a no brainer. Group/ungroup as well on groups. Expand, collapse as well when something can be expanded or collapsed. It is a great and fast help.

    I would expect duplicate and rename and delete there as well. Imagine not being able to use shortcuts at a certain time - or simply not preferring them over mouse use - then duplicate is great to have there. Some right click as the first and only thing they do.

    From there only actual user testing will reveal what works and what doesn't. Maybe cut, copy, paste is expected, perhaps the new generation of software users find that they are in the way.

    But as I said - right click menus with options is standard. Expected. So it really just is a question about what to put there what we all would find helpful in the context. No matter what other programs do.

    First iteration should be minimal and careful - then further options can be added. Affinity has a exclude from snapping option; that could go into layer options. Other features may come - fx promote to layer. Some of the options from layer options could also be included if quicker access makes sense.

    Oh and of course - enter isolated mode should move to the right click menu from the panel menu. I would never expect it in the panel menu. So this might be a chance to put the panel menu on a diet by moving some options to the right click menu where they actually belong usability wise.

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    @Ingolf This feature has been added in build 1.1.008

  • @vectoradmin said in Layer features when right clicking layer / object:

    @Ingolf This feature has been added in build 1.1.008

    Also world class, thanks a lot!