Are there plans to release VectorStyler for the WINDOWS platform?

  • If I may add my opinion 😉

    I believe the "99"-mark would be good for new customers from version like 1.5 or 2. As an introduction to the market from the psychological standpoint 69/79/89 work better. Comparing it with tools like f.e. Sparkle and Blocs which can be bought without a subscription. Also Pixelmator Pro, Gravit, Vectornator X, or Amadine (all with fewer functionalities obviously than VS) cost way less.

    Too bad you are missing on Black Friday. That would be a good day, to start with a one-day-special.

    My 69/79/89/99 you will have in any case 👍 — Really great to see this tool becoming a serious competitor to Illustrator. And I couldn't be happier about it.

  • @vectoradmin said in Are there plans to release VectorStyler for the WINDOWS platform?:


    All of the plans are subject to beta feedback and the confirmation of bug fixes found in beta.

    Yes there are plans to release on Windows.
    The beta for Windows will be released before the Mac version rc1 (which is in beta now).
    Version 1 for windows will be released about 6 months after the windows beta release (depending on feedback).
    The Mac version 1 should be released earlier than Windows version 1.

    To get to Mac release candidate (and final release of version 1):

    • fix and publish all bugs and reasonable feature requests.
    • complete the automated test suites, that are being created (this is important to stabilize releases).
    • update the documentation to the UI changes.

    Current status of the Windows version:

    • all required code is complete.
    • Windows specific UI style is available.
    • there are no known bugs, other than ones reported for Mac.
    • existing automated tests are running with the same outcome as on Mac.

    Missing things:

    • wmf/emf file format implementation. this is a plugin that will be available for Mac also, but probably not in the first beta version on windows.
    • cannot report force quit crash logs. this will give me a headache, but so far no solution.
    • should update the documentation to contain windows specific shortcuts, etc.

    I expect that at least a closed beta for Windows can be out this year (just 1 month left for that before holidays).
    This will be announced on this forum also.

    I really appreciate the thoughtful and detailed information.

    It's great to know that a beta release of VectorStyler for Windows is getting fairly close, and that the Windows final release possibly won't be too far behind the Mac release.

    Your timely and helpful responses to all topics in this forum, along with your genuine interest in implementing feature and other improvement requests is very encouraging. This has really made me be interested in and hopeful for VectorStyler.


  • @Vector-Rock Couldn't agree more to your words.

  • I think 99 € is a great price for this software. It is very indepth and feature rich, but not for the beginner or light weight users. Apps like the Affinity suite have a lower price point and are more accesible to first time users, as it doesn't overwhelm the user. But on the other hand, purely as a vector application, Affinity Designer is rather basic and lacks a lot of the power features a lot of illustrators and designers rely upon and can only get in Illustrator, which is way more expensive, and subscription only. I really like Designer and use it quite heavily in my work, along with Publisher, but I do miss some of the more advanced vector editing options, like non-destructive transforming, real vector brushes, shape builder etc. This is where Vectorstyler comes in, so it will likely have a smaller user base than those "cheaper" apps, and is geared more to pros or at least more advanced users. So 99€ makes complete sense to me. I would happily pay this price for the features it offers now, even if it still crashes too often and lacks some refinements in certain features. I would just love to see this app succeed, and if I contribute to this it would be nice.

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    Just wanted to announce that the Windows version has passed all the automated tests (same as on the mac).
    But I'm waiting for a certificate for the installer (slow process).

  • @vectoradmin This is great news! Thanks for giving us the update.

  • @vectoradmin Hi - Only learnt about VS today after someone mentioned it in the Affinity forums. I am an avid Inkscape user, and I got very excited when Affinity tried to position themselves as alternative for AI (still gold standard), but they are not quite up to scratch (yet?). I am very interested in trying out VS and to see if it can bridge the gap. Your features list looks very promising!

    Is the .msi linked in your home page footer the most recent beta for Win10 - I see no announcements or updates here indicating it is ready for a test drive?

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    Yes, the VectorStyler beta (build 194) for Windows is available for download.
    (it has been on the site for testing purposes).

  • @vectoradmin I tried downloading the vectorstyler app windows beta from the vectorstyler site and Windows warned me it might be malware since it had not been downloaded very often. Understanding it's a new beta, I proceeded to finish the download. When I double-clicked to install it, Windows defender refused to let me install it for fear it might be malware. I know it's not, but I'm not sure if I should try again or wait or see if you have a better answer lol. thanks!

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    @Boldline It seems that the used certificate can only do so much.
    Will release a new one once the EV code certificate arrives.

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    @Boldline The WIndows installer is signed now with EV code certificate.
    This should have a better user experience in installing 🙂