Rome-Kana conversion key

  • I've been away from here for a bit.
    Here is something I noticed recently.
    When using the Rome-Kana conversion, I cannot use the Space key to convert Japanese.
    The SHIFT plus Space displays the conversion candidates, but at the same time the "rotation icon" is also displayed.
    I can convert and decide from the conversion candidate window, but it is very inconvenient and troublesome.
    I think it is because shortcuts have been assigned to the hand tool and the rotate tool.

    Please let me know how to set up the conversion using the Space key as before.

  • administrators

    @861475_VctSt I think this might collide with using the Space key for panning.
    Question: is this on Windows or Mac?
    And would it be a problem if Space key panning is disabled while editing a text?

  • @VectorStyler

    My system is macOS Catalina 10.15.7.

    If the hand icon appears and I don't need it, I can ignore it.
    However, I do not think it is smart to have unnecessary commands displayed during Kanji conversion.
    In the case of Japanese, there is no need to rotate or move during text input.
    If I want to do that, I just step out of the text frame (escape) and then press SPACE. Then press the SPACE key.

    If we want to move or rotate while entering text, we can do it by pressing the command key and using the mouse, right?

  • @VectorStyler

    Kana-Kanji conversion is not possible with the space key.
    This issue is a big problem for Japanese.

    I found out that this behavior started in ver.1.1.005.
    So many changes have occurred while I was away from using VS.
    This was possible in ver. 1.062.
    So I have versioned it down as a stopgap measure.

  • Same thing with traditional Pinyin on Mac 10.12 Sierra. When I type the pinyin the "Hanzi" (chinese characters) appear but pressing space bar to validate doesn't work (it shows the hand like "moving the artboard"). I have to go over the character and double click it.
    In my case it's not very important since I don't type much, but it could be a problem for a long text. Asian users may feel frustrated.

  • @VectorStyler

    Will the kana-kanji conversion remain like this in the future? Is it a bug that this is not possible?
    Or has the Japanese function been temporarily retired?
    Is there any solution other than version down?

  • administrators

    @861475_VctSt This is a bug (regression), that was very easy to fix. I just did not know that this occurred.
    The fix will be in the next build.

  • @VectorStyler

    I'm glad it was a bug and not a reduction in Japanese language functionality.
    Please fix this as soon as possible.

    It seems it's been like that since ver 1.1.xx.
    I didn't notice it either, as I've been away from VS for a bit.
    I feel a little sad that there are not many Asian users.