Selecting a New Location for The Missing Links Makes The Linked Images Gray

  • To reproduce this:

    1. Put a bitmap file in a folder in Windows Explorer. E.g. name the folder TempA
    2. Drag the bitmap file into VectorStyler, then save the VectorStyler file
    3. Close VectorStyler
    4. Change the folder name. For example, change it to TempB
    5. Open the VectorStyler file. There will be a warning about the missing link
    6. Select the new location (the TempB folder)
    7. The linked image will look gray in VectorStyler

    Is there a way to make the linked image appear normally by default?

  • administrators

    @gotanidea I tried to replicate this with the current VS version on Windows, but here the images are updated.

    I open a bug on this one and will try to find out more.

    Linked images can also be updated from the Links panel.

  • @VectorStyler I got the problem using v1.1.072, but there is no problem with v1.1.073. So the bug has been fixed in the latest version. Thanks Admin