Frankentoon survey includes VectorStyler option

  • Frankentoon - known for making cool brushes and products for the digital arts community had a survey they sent to users and one of the questions included VectorStyler as an option to consider. They primarily offered Affinity products and then expanded to Procreate and recently Clip Studio.

    It's nice to see VS getting some attention and consideration

    0_1674848272139_45988425-acf5-44ca-b4c1-863b0bb0a6e2-BLD 2023-01-27 at 14.35.55@2x.png

  • Nice! 👍

  • @Boldline

    love his work

  • He offers a free download every Friday of some extra brushes or other digital assets if you sign up for his mailing list. He sends a code to your email and you can click the attached link and go to his site and enter the code to get access.

    I think a big reason he offers that is to get eyes on a banner there that tells people that anything sold on etsy that claims to be Frankentoon's is actually fraud. so his loyal customers continue to go to his site instead of getting tricked into buying from etsy.

    The request to fill out a survey was posted on his site near where the digital assets could be downloaded.