Corner styles for selected nodes

  • With multiple nodes selected, perhaps across multiple objects, it's simple to apply corners to those selected nodes using either the Shape panel or the Context panel. This works using either the Node tool or the Corner Editor Tool to first select the desired nodes.

    I'm wanting to save a corner style and apply that to selected nodes, setting both the corner shape, eg "Line" and the corner size in one go.

    Using the Styes panel to apply a Corner style to selected nodes affects all nodes of the object(s). I expected it to affect only the selected nodes.

    Other things I tried:

    • the Corner panel also applies to all nodes.
    • the Control-mouse popup menu for "Corner Type..." also applies to all nodes.
    • the preference for Single Corner Adjustment is on, but doesn't have an effect.
    • I suspect that a "Corner Shape" style (as opposed to a "Corner Style")" might work, but I fiddled without success.

    The plan with a style is to be able to later redefine it and all so-tagged nodes will update.

    My work-around is to create Corner styles, apply one to the objects, then select the nodes that shouldn't have that style and change the corner size, and it then sometimes becomes possible to apply a different corner style to those, but it's unpredictable.

    What's the best procedure?

  • administrators

    @Raven There seems to be a bug here with the selection of corner styles.
    I added this to the backlog.