Support for webp images

  • I was trying to copy an image from my image organizer application and paste it into VS. Normally it works fine with command-c and command-v. I am able to drag the images into VS successfully, but not copy/paste.
    The image organizer application would tell me the image was copied, but when i went over to VS, the paste was greyed out and command-v did nothing. I tested this with a different image and everything worked normally. I then realized the file with the issues in copy/paste was a webp file. could support for this format be added?

    0_1675680425151_a295f4d1-ef7a-42a8-95fd-0107ca30a1df-CleanShot 2023-02-06 at 05.46.44.png

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    @Boldline I added this to the backlog.