VS Team Rocks!

  • This doesn't fit in a category listed, but i wanted to say;

    I don't know how big your team is, or if it's just you, but you are doing an amazing job hearing out the many ideas we share in emails and on the forum and implementing them quickly and efficiently. You've also been humble (at least in public online! lol) about hearing thoughts critical of the current state of something in VS. I feel there's been a solid give and take between us who test it and you building it. As a professional designer, I feel respected and appreciated that I can share honest feedback and be heard and my ideas considered.

    I know at some point you need to ship and start making money with it. but it's been great to see the improvements. It's so much better to work with now than it was just a few months ago. I know I can speak for many in saying we are excited about VS and are rooting for it to succeed. I've been sharing about it with my peers in hopes they find and like it as well.

  • I can only agree! The VS team is the most reponsive developer team I have seen so far! Great work.

  • Here here! 🎉 Not only the app and all the support but also all the documentation, website and videos. It's really amazing. Thank you.