Does anyone know an Recordit alternative?

  • Recordit will be closed on March 31st
    Does anyone know an alternative?

    I've already looked around myself but so far
    i only considered YouTube as an alternative

  • @Subpath This may be an option - with a forever free account:

  • @syllie

    Thanks for your tip, appreciate it. I'll take a look at it.
    At first glance it looks like a useful alternative to recordit.

    The free screen recordings can even be 15 minutes long.
    With Recordit the maximum was 5 minutes.

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    If you just need to record the screen to a video file, macOS allows this using Command+Shift+5 (recent versions) or QuickTime Player (older versions), and for Windows you can do this with OBS Studio (which is free) or possibly with either Snipping Tool (Windows 11, no audio capture) or the XBox Game Bar (only captures one application instead of the entire screen or screen regions).

    Hosting the video files is of course a different matter.

  • @fde101, Thank you too
    I have some free Tools for Screen Recording already.

    For Windows Users:

    "ScreentoGif" is a tiny nice little Screenrecorder
    (195 KB 🙂 ) and it have even some editing Feature
    you can save the records as .Gif. No Audio.
    ( also .APN, .Webp, .Avi, .Mov, MP-4 and a few others )

    "ShareX" open source is another Screen Recorder
    "OpenShot" also open source is for Video editing

    I use "Ksnip" free, for Screenhots

    Still look around for a alternative for recordit
    it was not ideal but was hosting the gif recordings

  • @syllie Tested ScreenPal with free account - so far so good. It has video archive and comments sections - Test video

  • @syllie , @Harry

    I’m also happy with “Screenpal” so far. There is even a small
    video editor integrated

    It also allows saving .mp4 to your desktop and uploading
    .mp4 to your free account

    I did a comparison: A .gif lasting about 2 minutes was
    about 305 MB, the same as .mp4 was only about 5 MB

    so again, thanks for the tip @syllie

  • @Subpath When "Screenpal" is running in the background without being closed, it continuously consumes 12% of the CPU. Uploading videos often fails and requires multiple attempts before succeeding. Therefore, I have decided to switch back to using YouTube for uploading.

  • @Li-Xiao

    My uploads made with "Recordit" often failed, so I often
    made my screen recordings with "ScreenToGif" and later
    recorded them again with "Recordit" to be on the safe side.
    But I "never" experienced a case where an upload fails
    with "Screenpal". Since I've been using "Screenpal", this
    has never happened to me. It works fine here from the start,
    so I don't know whats the matter in your case.

    I've never monitored how much CPU "Screenpal" is using
    because I've rarely encountered performance issues.
    I regularly perform these steps with "Screenpal".

    I launch "Screenpal" when I want to do a screen recording.

    When I'm done, I save the recording as a .mp4 file locally
    on my SSD. ("Screenpal" also calls this an upload)

    Then that video is listed in "Screenpal", I select it and
    upload it online, and copy the link from the panel that
    appears at the end of the upload.

    Then i check that the link works and close "Screenpal"
    from the taskbar a little later when I don't need it anymore.

    Can say that I am still happy with "Screenpal".

  • @Subpath I operate in a similar manner, so it's probably due to my poor internet connection.

  • I use OBS & Screen to Gif to record. Screen to Gif works really well especially if you take the time set it up for mp4. I use ClipChamp to cut & process the OBS videos. Then I upload to Onedrive in a folder I have set aside and share from there.

  • @debraspicher

    even though I use Screenpal and am happy with it
    i love "ScreentoGif" and still wonder how such a tiny tool
    can do so much