Distortion tools worfklow suggestion

  • It seems that the distortion tools (when used from the toolbar) are serving two functions, adding a distortion but also editing one of the same type if it exists on the newest distortion layer of the shape, and it’s this second condition which feels unintuitive since:

    1. It's not letting you add an effect if the same one exists, forcing you to use the Shape Effects which can feel a bit disruptive and inconsistent, in fact it felt bugged to me until figuring out what was going on as i find myself stacking the same ones to define volumes.

    2. We won't be using those tools to edit a distortion after applying a bunch of them, it's of value only if you specifically intend on editing the newest layer and aren't planning on consecutively stacking more than one of the same type.

    So it’s my suggestion, if possible, that if you happen to use a new distortion of the same type you get the editing mode of the new shape instead of the previous one, that the distortion tools to be solely for creating new distortions and any further editing to be handled through the Shape Effects panel.

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    @Kyriakos Got to think this one over.