A kind of PatternNodes for Windows (free, Win/Mac)

  • Mac users may be familiar with Patternnode, an App that can create
    Patterns via Nodes.
    Nodebox 3 lets you create Vector Graphics through Nodes.
    It may not have all the bells and whistles like Patternnodes,
    but it does offer some possibilities... 🙂

    I actually know Nodebox for a long time, but I've started to look
    into it more closely the last few Weeks. To be honest, i dont have
    a really deep understanding how this little Gem works, but i have
    nodaways fun with it.
    Two main versions of Nodebox exist, both are free:

    "Nodebox 3.0.53.exe” (PC, Java is needed)
    PCs need this Version, because of a Ctrl C, Ctrl V Bug
    in previous Versions
    Here the Link to that Version:
    "Nodebox 3.0.52.dmg” (Mac OS X Catalina), Java is needet
    seems the latest Version for Mac (Mac can use regulary download)
    “Nodebox Live”
    The Online Version, latest Developement, newest Tools
    will work on PC/Mac of course
    You can create Vector Graphics, Patterns and even Data Visualizations,
    to name just a few uses all via Nodes. Both come also with Examples
    apart from this the Nodebox Forum is too a great help.
    SVG import/export and CSV import/export is possible
    in both Versions, also PDF and PNG export.
    Creating Vector Graphics with Nodes may look tedious at first and
    sometimes it is, if you dont find the right solution 🙂
    But it offers a lot of flexibilitie.

    Here the Link to they Website

    Online Version, Account needed (free)

    A getting startet Tutorial
    Here Replica of the PatternNodes pattern i made with Nodebox, the right piece is from Nodebox Forum.
    Here a video showing the Nodes I used to recreate the PatternNodes pattern.
    In a second video i will show how to connect Nodes and some possibilities of Nodebox.

    Video - create Pattern in Nodebox
    @Kumr , you can take a look 🙂

  • @Subpath Thank you for sharing this. Data visualization part is very exciting to me. I have to spend some good amount of time to master it.

  • @Kumr

    You're welcome, as I wrote, the Nodebox forum is a great help.

    John from the forum support team, a really friendly guy who often
    offers ready-made Nodebox files to download when problems arise.
    Which you can then study. That's why it's worth searching the NB
    forum if you have problems.

    For your purposes, I would also recommend that you take a look at the
    Node command set in “Nodebox” Live, perhaps there is more there for you.

  • Related to the Post i made here:
    Here a another picture made with that SVG Object Replace Node Tree in Nodebox.
    Will post a Video where i explain a few things and little more advanced Node Tree
    but it will take yet a little while.

    This Picture below here shows how i made this in Nodebox, it is a more basic version which still works.
    To find that Nodes in Nodebox click on "New Node" on Top of that Panel there is a search Function.

    Will post a Video where i explain a few things and little more advanced Node Tree but it will take yet a little while.
    Here a Video how the Basic Node Tree works
    To use this Tree below:
    Click on the "Import_svg3" Node and choose a SVG File
    which containes multiple copies of one Object.
    You could create one in VS with the Repeater and export it as a SVG File.
    The "Textpath2" Node replace this Object with a Word then.
    To render this all double click (left Mouse Button) the "fit_to2" Node.
    Then you can export your Result as a SVG from Nodebox.
    Here the Node Tree, basic Version