Option to reduce sensitivity for moving text along a path

  • Is there a setting to adjust the sensitivity of the move text along a path tool? I like that text can be moved to another path on the fly, but there are also times it's difficult to keep it from straying to another path.

    In the example of this video, I realized part of the difficulty was that I have shapes that extend out where the cursor would come in contact as I drag around the text path. I was able to fix that in the video by grabbing the text and moving it only as far as I did not have other shapes to interfere and then re-selected the text further away from the potentially interfering object.
    In the video, after I solved the initial issue - I still wanted to show how sensitive the moving of live text can be even when the cursor does not interfere with the shape - it goes a bit wonky; jumping from path to path... you can see that happening in the second half of the same video

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    @Boldline I will try to improve this.