Visualising the line of a pencil while drawing?

  • Stupid question, but I've been using a pencil and the line is black, so I can't visualize anything on a black background. How can I change the line color while the drawing is in progress?


  • @Pat

    Many interesting discoveries started with a seemingly simple question (like E=MC²) 🙂

    My tries showed that as long as the drawing process is taking place, nothing can be changed.
    No color and it is also not possible to switch to the outline preview during this.

  • @Subpath Thanks ☺ So the moral of the story is to always draw on a light background... (as obvious is the equivalence relation between mass and energy 🌞 )

  • administrators

    @Pat I opened a bug on this one, to use the current color (and maybe width, but not all stroke attributes)

    The line color can be changed in Settings -> Indicator Style, but that maybe not suitable for this use case.