Set default font

  • I do not know for how many users it is important, but I would be grateful to be able to set the default font.

  • administrators

    @encart This can already be done inside a document, by editing the default character styles.
    As for new documents, using templates is the only option for now.

  • Could you explain me how to set default character style step by step. I did it somehow in the past, but now I'm overwriting Default character style and Paragraph style but no effect.

  • administrators

    @encart The problem is that the default character style now is inherited from the character style changes on a text selection (per an other request).
    So the only way to change the default character style is to select a text shape and change some of the character style options (font name, size, etc).
    The next (new) text shape or frame then will have this new style.
    This is also default style is saved with the document.
    I will have to add an option to choose between the above vs the default styles defined in the Styles panel.