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    The macOS guidelines explicitly state that splash screens should be avoided: https://developer.apple.com/design/human-interface-guidelines/macos/app-architecture/onboarding/

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    @fde101 Yes I was leaning towards that. If the startup time is reasonably fast there is no need for it. Affinity has no splash screen. Illustrator has (but slow startup time, at least the new ones).

  • All Pro Apps from Apple (Logic, Final Cut, Motion) have splash screens (unlike the lightweight apps like Pages and Numbers), they use a modified version of it for the 'About' screen and btw, they open the last document by default so you can continue from where you left.

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    Yes, a classic example of Apple breaking its own guidelines - which doesn't mean the guidelines are not there. They do the same thing with a few others: when you first spin up FCPX it says that it wants to access your photos and the buttons are "OK" and "Don't Allow". The "OK" button is similarly forbidden in the guidelines for a dialog box like this - it is not a verb and should only be used as a button label for acknowledging simple messages which have no consequence. In this case the button should probably have been "Allow" but definitely NOT "OK".

    I think the whole splash screen situation boils down to load time. If an app loads quickly there is no reason for a splash screen. If it is slow-loading then a splash screen lets the user know that something is happening... though the bouncing dock icon should be sufficient for most apps.

    I think a key reason FCPX, Logic and the like have the potential to have such a long loading time after their dock icon stops bouncing is mainly a result of plugins being loaded, particularly when new ones are being tested, which can take some time when you have a lot of them (as I do on my primary computer).

    On the other hand Compressor also displays a splash screen for a split second, which really shouldn't be there at all. That app loads quite fast and does not use plugins, so there is no excuse for that one.

  • @fde101 Yes, it's mostly loading time that should decide this. But since pro users use a combination of apps and it's better to have a visual confirmation that an app is actually loading, I guess that's why they broke the general no-splash-screen rule with Compressor, an important part of their Pro video "toolbox".

    And yes, plugins make loading slower… 🙂 Maybe VS will have scripts that load only when you start them.

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    @b77 @fde101 I don't mind the splash screen with most apps. Usually they can be disabled easily for those who dislike their appearance. I like the way Affinity uses a design made in their apps as part of the splash screen and change it with every medium sized release. The current on in Affinity Designer is awful lol, was hoping they would change it when they recently went to 1.10.

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    @b77 said in Splashscreen:

    Maybe VS will have scripts that load only when you start them.
    This would be an awesome thing. Half the reason scripts exist is because the developer is either too slow to implement fixes and shortcuts or is uninterested in doing so. thankfully for us, @vectoradmin has done a great job adding the things we request. There's always a place for user-made scripts, especially for niche needs

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    The future of the splash screen will depend on the developer's will.
    I'm in the camp that wants to enjoy the splash screen. I'm old school.
    It looks like that's not going to happen in the future if we follow the Human Interface Guidelines (HIG).

    I'm not familiar with the way "pages" and "numbers" start up, and I don't consider it a professional approach to starting work. wellcome screen closes, and I start with File>Open.

    I would guess that VS still has a lot of items to clear up HIG.
    Those would be major modifications and time consuming tasks.

    In any case, I don't think we need to make requests along the lines of HIG.
    Of course, requests along the lines of HIG are more desirable.
    And it is up to the developers to discard them.

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    The splashscreen has gotten much larger. Is this intentional? Or is it a mistake?

    I find it a bit intimidating.

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    @861475_VctSt It is a mistake.