Adding a Choice within an Action set and other ideas

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    I was experimenting with the actions panel. I came across the "playback options" with the pause feature - I wasn't totally clear what this did specifically until hovering the cursor over it. Is there a way this can be added to a specific step inside an action set as opposed to the entire set? Would it make sense to have some sort of visual indicator when you view the action set, that there was a pause added to a certain step?


    Would it make sense to have a few built in presets already existing in the actions panel? I go back and forth on this because most of the ones in Illustrator, I never use lol. I'm hoping people will eventually share preset action files on here so we can all find ways to speed up workflow and get ideas from others.

    One thing I like about Illustrator's Action presets layout is the ability to open the individual action step and see the setting being applied for that step.


    In VS -What about the ability to add an optional choice into a set of actions? Where the option to choose one action or another is built in with a pop up box, or an additional group of preset actions can be added as an option in that spot as well.

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    @Boldline I think these are all doable. There is a plan to improve the way actions are handled, once the (public) plugin and scripting is available (around version 2).
    I will add these ideas to the backlog, but they will be implemented further down the road.